Clean Water Access – A Virtual Reality Experience for the Classroom

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After more than 2 decades Oxfam’s school program has closed. Our commitment to tackling poverty and empowering communities continues. The resources on these pages will no longer be updated.
– September 2019.

Meet Evelyn, an 11-year-old girl from remote Turkana county in Kenya. Evelyn’s Story is a free education resource designed to compliment the Australian National Geography Curriculum: Water Scarcity Year 7 & Geographies of Human Wellbeing Year 10. Evelyn and her community were facing an extreme water crisis, only getting access to clean water for about two hours every eight days, if at all. Follow Evelyn in her search for water and experience the incredible impact we can make together to the lives of people living in poverty. Watch the powerful and award winning virtual reality (VR) film here or follow the link in the classroom resources below. This resource has been mapped to support the implementation of the Australian Curriculum, we strongly suggest that teachers also address the specific curriculum state jurisdictions, authorities and sectors. Available online for free download, the resource includes: • Specific mapping to the Australian Curriculum • Curriculum tables with Content Descriptors for the targeted bands • Tablet and print friendly student activity worksheets • Detailed lesson plan with support for assessment task decisions by the teacher Click below to get access to printable and online versions of the resources! With the help of educators like you, we are able to build engaged student bodies to challenge global inequalities.

An interactive virtual reality resource for Australian Classrooms

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Nichole Sobecki/Panos/OxfamAUS