Work for Oxfam Day

Will you give a shift?

Imagine if you and your employees could save lives in one day — without even leaving your day job.

Work for Oxfam Day is an employee giving initiative that lets you and your colleagues experience what it’s like to save lives by donating an hour, a half-day, or a full-day’s pay. Put yourself in the shoes of the people who get life-saving help to those living in poverty.

Work for Oxfam day is also the perfect way to increase your staff engagement. It’s a win-win!

How it works

Work for Oxfam Day is really simple — we’ll provide everything you need to carry it out and we can provide extras like team-building exercises to suit your needs. Simply set a date and rally your organisation. Oxfam will provide you with a registration page, posters, job descriptions and other fun materials to really make you feel like a part of our work.

The donation comes from your next payslip. It works through Payroll Giving and we’ll liase with you HR department to ensure everything goes smoothly.

For all the details about Work for Oxfam Day, or to register your company, send us an email.

Who you’ll be working with

When you give to Oxfam, you’re part of the wider Oxfam community. That means you’re fighting poverty alongside some amazing people. Participating employees will have the opportunity to choose their ‘role’ for the day from this list of Oxfam job descriptions.

Humanitarian Manager in Niger: Lead a team of humanitarian coordinators working in the field to get much needed food and sanitation supplies to vulnerable families. Relationship management is important in this role, as everyone needs to be clear on what their responsibility is in getting supplies to communities.

_Humanitarian Manager in the field
Photo: Coco McCabe/OxfamAUS

Media Officer in Sahel, West Africa: In an emergency the need for information is tremendous. As a media officer covering the food crisis you will be on your smart phone right up until you go to bed creating press releases, fact sheets, writing blogs and taking photos and videos.

Media Officer in the field
Photo: Coco McCabe/OxfamAUS

Program Manager in Kumala, Sierra Leone: Oversee the construction of a new holding centre for people who are awaiting their Ebola test results and help provide essential food, water and sanitation supplies for those quarantined.

Program Manager in the field
Photo: Amy Christian/OxfamAUS

Staff Security Advisor in Kenya: Assessing the danger posed by bandits, rebels, kidnappers and Improvised Explosive Devices is all a part of your daily routine. Finding the balance between the urgency of putting in pipelines to supply refugees with water, and trying to make sure that no harm comes to your team is essential.

Staff Security Advisor in the field
Photo: Ana Caistor Arendar/OxfamAUS

Water and Sanitation Engineer deployed worldwide: Work with communities, Oxfam and its partner organisations to design and build water and sanitation facilities that will pave the way for long-term development work. Be prepared – in an emergency your team will be one of the first on the scene.

Water Engineer in the field
Photo: Amy Christian/OxfamAUS

The difference your shift can make

At the end of Work for Oxfam Day we’ll let you know how much your organisation has collectively raised and how this is going to help. Here are just some examples of what you can achieve by working with Oxfam for a day.

  • $300 can pay for the construction of a village fishing pond in Timor-Leste, providing the community with a source of food and income.
  • $2,700 can purchase a state-of-the-art water-quality testing kit that helps communities to monitor water quality during a natural disaster.
  • $8,500 can provide 10 women in Sri Lanka with access to credit to invest in small enterprises such as brick-making, spice production and livestock rearing, helping them to establish a sustainable source of income.

Together we can achieve so much more. To enquire or register, send us an email.