Children gather with friends in the neighbourhood to spend the afternoon learning life skills with the volunteer care givers from CHOICE, an Aus/JOHAP partner in the Limpopo Province.

Sexual and reproductive health

Health education is crucial in helping to lift people out of poverty – it empowers women and men to make informed decisions about their bodies with the aim of preserving good health.

Educating people – particularly women – about their sexual and reproductive health rights is crucial to improving general health and wellbeing and overcoming inequality.

Our sexual and reproductive health programs focus on:

Family planning and contraception

Family planning plays an important role in reproductive and sexual health programs in reducing HIV infections and maternal and infant mortality. It also lessens the number of unwanted pregnancies.

Providing women and men with access to contraceptives and education about their use is a major factor in reducing sexual and maternal health problems.

Educating young people

Oxfam partner, Wan Smolbag Theatre’s youth centre in Port Vila, Vanuatu, has seen positive results through its HIV and AIDS workshop. Unemployment, street crimes, drug use, and teen pregnancies are increasing along with the spread of HIV in Vanuatu. The workshop is succeeding in raising the awareness of safe sex practices, the importance of gender equality and HIV and AIDS.

Read more about how this project is building a brighter future for Vanuatuans.

HIV and AIDS response

Everyday, more than 8500 people around the world die of AIDS-related illness.

Our sexual and reproductive health programs are crucial in the fight against the spread of HIV.

Oxfam Australia works directly with people affected by HIV and AIDS around the world, helping them to regain a sense of hope. In South Africa and Mozambique, we are working with local organisations to train and support home-based carers – local volunteers who support the ill, elderly and orphaned.

In Zimbabwe, our local partners educate women and men about legal, sexual and reproductive rights and work with traditional leaders to challenge practices that may facilitate the spread of HIV and AIDS. One partner SHAPE is having great success in changing the attitudes of men and women about sex and HIV.

Through educational plays, youth clubs and support groups, resource centres, income-generating projects and activities we’re working hard to encourage people to take control of their sexual health.

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