Section 3 Part 2: The design process


In your design diary, add words to finish these sentences and explain how Steph Hughes made the posters for Oxfam’s Six Goals to Change the World.

1. The design brief  from Oxfam Australia was…?


2. Steph Hughes started by…?


3. The next step was…?


4. The final result was…?


Extension activity: can pictures tell a story?

Your teacher will give you one of our “Six Goals to Change the World” posters — but they’ll have covered up the band of text across the top and the bottom. Work in pairs to identify the goal to change the world you think your poster is about.

Remember! Look carefully at the imagery and try to figure out what the poster is about. Steph Hughes’ illustrations are like clues to the story. You can make notes and work together to refine your ideas before adding an agreed goal to the poster. Your goal must be in the form of a short sentence — not more than ten words — and must work with the imagery on the poster.

Present your poster complete with a goal (written in the blank space) to the class, using the images on the poster as evidence to back up your choices.