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22 Dec 2021

Latest Living Wage Milestonee

Congratulations to Best & Less, Country Road, David Jones and Hanes (Bonds) on their progress towards ensuring the payment of living wages to garment workers in their supply chains! The brands just publicly committed to separate out – or ringfence – labour costs in price negotiations with their suppliers, for the women who make our clothes.

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26 Nov 2020
New report: Shopping for a Bargain

This week we released our new research report, Shopping for a Bargain. It’s the first detailed investigation of its kind, examining the purchasing practices of leading fashion retailers operating in Australia. Despite their commitments to ethical fashion, few big brands are living up to them, keeping the women who make our clothes in poverty.

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29 May 2020
Big W step towards a living wage

Big W Australia has announced the next step in their commitment to a living wage, by joining Action Collaboration Transformation (ACT) – a global initiative bringing together brands and unions to work towards living wages for the women who make our clothes, through collective bargaining.

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24 Nov 2019
Naughty or nice list 2019

In 2019, the Naughty or Nice List is about brands’ commitment to paying a living wage, which would lift the women who make our clothes, and their families, out of poverty. Which brands have made a real commitment and who is lagging behind?

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Congrats Best and Less
28 Oct 2019
Best&Less start their journey to pay a living wage

Best&Less have made a strong commitment to pay living wages throughout their supply chains.

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22 Dec 2021
What She Makes turns 2!

Now, after two years – and the actions of thousands of people across the country – a lot has changed for the better.

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25 Oct 2019
Factory X commit to pay a living wage

We’re excited to share that Factory X — who own Dangerfield, Alannah Hill, Jack London and Gorman and more — have made a real commitment to ensuring the women who make our clothes are paid a living wage!

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